Boy or Girl?!


6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Brighton, MI

The one in question is the gold one. Im new flock owner, got my first chicks on June 1st and they're all doing well but I'm really confused about this gold one! You see, I also have 2 Isa Brown hens, 4 RIW hens, and a White Leghorn hen and they've all been laying for about a month now, but not this one which is a Isa Brown x White Leghorn (possibly RIW) cross. It looks like a hen, but
1. It's not laying
2. I've been told that any Isa crosses that are white are males (what about the golden color?)
3. My Australorp Rooster hasn't tried to mate with it at all - but I just got the rooster 2 weeks ago and there was no fighting between the two of them when I introduced him.. however, I did notice the gold one stayed away from the rooster and the rest of the flock for about a week, and now it interacts with them all fine.

So what do you think?
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Pretty boy, and besides single combed, he is red and barred so you also have a barred ancestor back there somewhere. Most red-sex-link roosters are mostly white, but they can have more or less red on them, especially around the shoulder area.
Awesome! Thanks for the responses! He's by far my favorite, I love his coloring and he's the only one that will let me hold him and pet him for more than 10 seconds lol

Do you think he'll get any bigger?
He is a pretty boy, that red barred color is nice. He's like a teenager. Your average chicken seems to hit their general adult height and size by 5-6 months or so, but they'll still get bigger in that they'll still put on more weight / substance yet as they mature, (and get more feathers which makes them look bigger). Some big or slow growing breeds will take a lot longer.

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