boys or boy and girl


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Apr 16, 2009
Richmond, VA
I took this picture the other day, I think the gray one is a boy and the black one is a girl? What do you think or are these silkies too young to tell?

Silkies are so hard to sex. You may want to wait a while longer. Like until one starts crowing! *kidding*


I have some that are quite a bit older than these and I'm just beginning to tell them apart, but still can't be sure.
Oh, sexing silkies, fun. lol. I still am not possitive what my own are. However, I have to agree with you on the guess of their genders. But, I would wait it out to just to be sure.

Good luck with your birdies,
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Thank you... They are very funny, if you hold one with out the other they each get very upset and call for the other one. So you either hold neither of them or both of them, if you hold both of them they are totally fine.

I personally think they are a couple, but I guess you are right, time will tell.

Thanks for everyones opinions
Oh and what's the difference between blue and gray? Are they two different colors when they are older? Sorry. Still learning.
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