BR or Black sexlink


12 Years
May 23, 2007
Clarion County
How do you tell a BR from a Black Sexlink Roo???

I had an order were they put roos in for warmth I gave all but 1 away

He has apretty good temperment!

I would keep him & put with BR girls but, I don't want to put a mutt with them

So, is there anyway to tell???
Well, supposedly this is what the sexes look like:


Notice the coloration on the males front? In a barred rock that shouldn't be there. That being said HATCHERY Barred rocks are going to be difficult to distinguish between which is which.

The Black Sex-link cockbird will have much more "meshing" of the colors. The lines on it's body won't be NEARLY as defined as those on a barred rock.

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