BR roo or hen?


Apr 30, 2015
Hello. New to BYC. I have 6 new chicks. I have thought from they day I got them that one of my BR was a rooster. I still think so but he is so dark and has black wash down front of legs. Here is a pic of him (on the left) and a pullet when I first got them. The other two are white orps.
. Now they are about 7 weeks.
. He's the closer one. One more pic of him I took today. He's my favorite and plan to keep him. I just wonder if he might be a she since the barring is mostly black and the legs have the black wash. I really hope its a rooster. :)
. I had a buff Brahma rooster a year ago that turned mean and started attacking my kids. He was beautiful so it took me awhile to decide he had to go. Now I want to try again but probably handle him more. My Brahma was soooo big he really intimidated us for first time chicken owners. Now I understand I need to be the boss. I have nine hens now and hopefully this little guy (named him Stu). :)
That's definitely a pullet. Males are very lightly checkered, while females are darker. Also, as a chick, the white head spot would be small and white on a female, as yours is. Males have very large white spots.
Thank you for your replies. I am going to have to agree. The more I learn the looks are all pullet but attitude is rooster. Guess I have 10 hens. All 6 chicks turned out to be pullets. Gives me some time to think about what kind of rooster I want to add to the flock. :)

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