BR Roo?


10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
NW Indiana
A friend got 2 young BR from a local auction.
To my totally untrained eye (I've only had chickens myself for 4 months) they look to be about 10-12wks old.

Both have undeveloped baby combs and no wattles to speak of. One of her "girls" seems to be developing a roo-looking tail, with one very long arched feather so far. The other has a blunt tail, so I'm pretty sure it's a pullet.
Maybe it's my imagination, but the one with the tail also seems to have a more upright body posture.

Do young BR pullets ever develop this sort of tail feather?
Is there any way to determine if she has a rooster before he starts crowing?
Sorry - no pics to post

I was just wondering if pullets ever develop roo-like tailfeathers...
Sorry not good pic but see how much darker the girl is than the boy... The black barring isn't as wide in the male. They have more white less black and females have more black less white appearance. Plus a lot of the time the female will have a darker shading up the front of her legs, the male might have a little as a chick but it usually goes away as they get older on the male.

Male at about 16 wks

Female at over a yr, legs are washed out from egg laying.

This is their daughter
These birds belong to a friend and are still very young - no combs developed beyond their baby stubs when I saw them last week.

But the one did have this reeeeaaalllllyy long definitely sickle-shaped tailfeather. And if my memory is right that one was lighter than the other.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for my friend that the odd feather molts out and does not reappear or get joined by any more like it!
She really just wants 2 hens.

I guess time will tell.
At what age will "he" begin crowing?

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