Brahma hens and when they start to lay


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Got 12 Brahma hens, born mid May (20 weeks old?), when should they start laying eggs? I haven't caught one laying in any of the boxes yet and no eggs in the yard either. My other hens are laying, but they are a month older.

Anyway, should be soon I hope???

Brahmas will not lay this early. Only a few breeds start laying at 20 weeks. Brahmas are a slower maturing breed which may or may not give you any eggs before spring. I'd give them another month or 2 and maybe not until spring. Watch their faces, combs and wattles. When a hen is at POL (point of lay), her face becomes bright red, as do her comb and wattles which will become suddenly larger. If you can post pics of your girls, we can guess who may be getting ready.
I guess they mature more slowly than the others. Hopefully the shorter days wont delay their laying until spring. My pullets were hatched in late July and I wouldn't be surprised if I need to wait an extra long time for them to start laying.
Spring !!!!!!!, oh boy, that will be a while around here. May is like 7 months away. They better be prolific layer to make up for the feed they eat, ha, ha.

I hate to even ask about the three Silver Spangled Hamburgs I got that are the same age???

I will get some pics on here tomorrow of the Brahma hens.

I have 5 Buffs and 3 Light Brahmas. 2 of the Lights stated laying at 19 weeks! One Buff at 26 weeks. The other light Brahma is 26 weeks now and no eggs yet...3 of the other buffs are 26 weeks, no eggs and the last Buff is 29 eggs. Dont think there is any rhyme or reason. There is no denying when they will lay soon though...wattles get very red and drop significantly, comb and skin around eyes gets very red...and they all started laying within 2 weeks of squatting.
I have 2 Light Brahmas and three Barred Rocks, all at 24 weeks. Only one of my BR's is laying, but I expect one of the other BR's will join her soon. At 24 weeks my Brahma's faces are still pink (not red), and their combs and wattles small. We're in the same boat!

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