Brahma stands up to "lay" her egg...


Jun 4, 2015
My biggest Buff Brahma girl is standing on top of the nest boxes to lay her egg. I happened to be there when it happened today ands when the egg finally comes out it drops from her and cracks. This led to someone eating her egg yesterday. I don't know who but I know we don't want that to get started so I plan to check for eggs as often as I can today. I didn't know who or why there were laying on top of the boxes, but now I do. There's not room inside the nest box for her to stand to pass eggs. So my first question is: what's the deal with her standing up instead if laying? Do some chickens just do that? And if I make her a taller nest box will she start to use it instead of being in the open? She only started laying on top in the past week, but I think it may have been get eggs I found in the floor before that. Any ideas or experiences you've had would be helpful. Thanks!

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
Chickens do stand to lay. As you say, altering your nest boxes would certainly help.

Good luck


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