Brahmin pullet with leg problems

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    Hi All,

    I'd love to upload a picture, but I think I am too new. I have a lovely Brahmin pullet who was hatched in May or Jun, I think she's about 5 months old. She seemed fine when she was small. In the past 3 weeks her legs have started to slide out from under her. They go every direction when she tries to walk. It almost looks like a bad case of spraddle leg....but she's way to big for that. I am worried about Marek's. I spent quite a lot of time and every other chicken in the flock looks 100% fine (except for the molting on some of the older ones) This pullet came from a hatchery that supposedly vaccinated for Marek's. I don't know whether to wait and see if things improve....or cull her before I have more than one sick chicken. She still eats well but she doesn't move around a lot. I grabbed her today and looked closely at her eyes. If I'm not hallucinating, a small peice of the iris of both eyes looks a bit blue. Is this a normal variation or is it Marek's for sure? I'd love to hear what you think.[​IMG]

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    To post a picture you have to go to your uploads, upload the picture you want then cut and copy the Thumb. heres an example

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    Hope she gets better.[​IMG]
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    It's too late to cull her before her exposing other chickens, if it's Marek's , they have been exposed. I don't think your hatchery day old vaccinated chick brought Marek's. It had to be some other chicken in your flock. Any bought that were exposed to other chickens before you brought them home? Are all your chickens vaccinated?

    You will read many different symptoms of Marek's. But alot of chickens won't fit the classic description of Marek's. It could be no symptoms, wasting away, paralysis, some people say that they noticed a chicken limp.

    There's no way to know for sure, there's no test for it. Usually people find out when a few of their chickens die with the same symptoms days to weeks apart. And you need a good flock history.

    I hope she doesn't have Marek's, but it could be.

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