Brain damage? What could have happened to Wanda??


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May 18, 2008
My two year old Cuckoo Maran hen Wanda may have had a brush with a predator the other day: hens are free range in my orchard, usually fine with our two dogs out, but one hen disappeared the other day-in the middle of the day, but the coyotes around here are getting bold- and on the same eve, I noticed that Wanda was acting strange. She is alive, but not eating - she roosts at night, but during the day, she just stands there. Occasionally she will kind of shake herself and seem to notice the water and take a few sips. I've given her yogurt mixed with vitamin water hoping to keep her hydrated until she recovers but its not looking good. Anyone ever encountered anything like this before? I guess I am most concerned about finding out if there are diseases that can cause this. I've ruled out a brush with the electric fence after reading up on that on this forum.
Meanwhile the girls are staying penned up until late afternoon when I can spend a few hours down near them working in the garden until they go in to roost.


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May 6, 2009
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Try giving her some gatorade, the electrolytes might help. Are there any wounds or bumps visible? If there arent any, I might suspect an illness rather than an injury.


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Vision problems will cause a bird to act like this too. Look at her eyes. You can hold something she likes (food) near her and see if she pecks at it. If she does, pay attention to the accuracy of her aim. I've had 2 birds with eye issues and both eventually adapted after a week or so.

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