Brain Damage?

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9 Years
Oct 19, 2010
North Carolina
Two days ago my neighbor's dog attacked my chickens. He killed a bunch of them and injured about 5. One of the injured ones has one of its eyes closed and the other open. Also the wing on the same side as the closed eye is droopy. Did her brain get damaged? If so what can I do? Should I put her out of her misery?
I would give her a few days, and see if she improves. Try to use a dropper and give her pedialyte or water, drip by drip. And make a mash, and use a spoon and let her beak touch the mash to see if she'll take some. Sorry it happened
i agree. Give her some time to heal, at least a week or two. Pamper her, give her vitamins and mashed hard boiled eggs, greens. Animals can live with handicaps. As long as she gets to the space where she can function - eat, drink, get about, then i would let her live.

So sorry about what happened.

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