Bramble foot or not bramble foot?


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Aug 16, 2014
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Two of my chickens have round, flat, black scabs and a bit of swelling on thair feet. I assumed bramble foot, especially after comparing it to photos online.
I researched bramble foot surgery, gathered my stuff and had a go.
I soaked and cleaned the feet, removed the scab and gave it a good squeeze. Absolutely noting came out, no puss or gunk.... Nothing but a bit of blood. The swollen areas don't feel soft and Squidgy or hard and it's not hot/warm to the touch. Colour is normal.
After I removed the scabs I gave the feet a little soak in some saline solution, dryed them off, dusted them with antibacterial powder, bandaged then vet rapped.

My question is..... Is this bramble foot? Or possibly something else?
I've been cleaning it with antiseptic wash (for human cuts and burns) letting the feet soak in it before drying, popping on some germolene (only antibiotic cream I have to hand) and then a bandage and vet rap.
Ones now limping but I think it's the rapping on the foot more than anything.

I'll post some photos in the morning :)
Hmmm, it does look like bumble foot, but your surgery results did not sound like it. Keep treating it. Also, did you check for any sharp objects in the coop/run that could have caused this? Rocks, sticks, wood, wire, metal, and other materials can cause bumble foot.
Yes this is bumble foot (never heard it called bramble foot) It mostly happens when birds fly down off the roost and land down on hard ground or a small stone or similar. One treatment is to soak the birds foot in epsom salts for 15 minutes or so then remover the scab and try to clean out the infected area. Whats under the scab is similar what you find in a mouth canker sore, a cheesy like substance. After cleaning out bandage up and repeat the next day and everyday after until healed and it's good to keep the bird in a pen that doesn't have a roost in it while the treatment is taking place. To help to prevent this from happening again lower the roost and add sand or straw litter to the pen floor.

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