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Apr 28, 2013
Hii, I'm new to this site, tonight is actually the first night with my two new 3 day old chicks. I've been waiting to get a chicken since I was 8 or so and now I'm 18 so today was an exciting day today!! :] Who knew they chirped so much? I finally turned on the heating lamp for them so they're starting to fall asleep.
Let me tell you about my birds..
One is a white plymouth rock chicken, I named her Blondie
The other is a silver wyandotte chicken and her name is Pilot.
Pictures later? Most likely!

Well I think it's off to bed for me!
Any first time chicken owner tips for me? I would appreciate it.
You might want to head to the Learning Center for starters, Then to Raising Backyard chickens to the thread 'Raising chicks.' It would be good to include "where am I where are you, so you can find your state thread and post on that as well.
Good luck with your peeps!!silver wyandottes are awesome btw :) tip:if either of them seem weak,or out of sorts,get them some save- a-chick electrolytes,and mix some up for them to drink,FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!over.saturating the water will kill them! Tip 2:if the slightest thing seems to be wrong,the people of BYC will be glad to help! :D
Greetings from Kansas, Hally, and
! Great to have you here - happy you entered the wonderful world of poultry! Your birds might have been cheeping so much because of cold. Unless you have them in a super warm place, they need they heat up on all the time for the first few weeks. Good luck to you!
Thanks everyone, I'm so glad I found this site

But yeah, Redsoxs, my chickadee's were cold. I didn't realize they needed it to be 90-95 degrees in their first week until I did some research. So once I found that out I realized that was exactly why they were chirping. Luckily my dad had a lamp to act as a heating lamp and after that they fell asleep within a few minutes :)

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