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May 26, 2011
Hi, I am brand new to hatching and I discovered your website by accident tonight.
I am a Teaching Assistant from Dorset SW England, UK, and I have spent today in emotional turmoil as only 2 chicks hatched from a batch of 7 I was given as part of our Year 1 Life Cycles Project. I am so proud of Chicks 1 and 2 but I feel I let the others down, especially since I heard them peeping in their shells 2 days ago.
I am lookiung after the chicks at home next week and I need as much help as poss to keep them healthy. None of my 'real' friends understand how important these babes are to me, and I welcome any support I can get.
I have posted most of this already and have had a couple of eggcellent (!) responses, but I felt I should introduce myself properly.
Hope to hear from you soon
Thank you
from Alabama. Sometimes you just have bad hatches no matter what you do. I had 6 turkey eggs that I finally took out of the bator last night after waiting several days past their hatch day. 5 of the eggs had perfectly formed poults inside that never even pipped
Congrats on the two that did hatch & good luck with them

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