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Mar 29, 2013
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I have 11 chicks, age range from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. They have been on Medicated Chick Start from IFA, Local Feed Store. But I went and grabbed some 12 lb feeders the other day for the coop, and was wondering what was actually the best chick start to have them on. They had a few different brands, and do I need to get them grit and oyster shell? They had it with all the feed. I just need to pick up some more this week, since I'm down to about 1/4 bag, I can't believe how much they are going through now since they are getting bigger. Just didn't know if the feed store brand is okay or if I should pickup another brand. Usually I research food, I'm huge on dog food research, but I rescued the first set and was in panic mode to get everything. Literally got them, ran to the feed store and just bought what the girl at the counter gave me for them to hurry home to get them warm. I wasn't ever planning on having chickens, and now I have 11. Go figure.

Haha, you are a chicken addict already!

There are many different opinions here on brands, protein content, etc. Personally, since it is rural here, I just buy whatever brand the feed store has. If I had a lot of choices, I would look for a feed with an animal sourced protein such as fish meal first, and a higher protein content second.

They need chick grit if they eat anythig besides their feed, and if your soil doesn't offer some form of grit. Many people don't give grit and their birds do fine. I offer it but notice y chickens rarely take any, so obviously they get what they need from the ground.

Oyster shell is a calcium supplement and stricly for layers. You should definitely not offer it to chicks -- nor should they have access to layer feed, not until they are near laying age (point of lay or POL,) usually around 18 or 20 weeks at the earliest. If a young chick gets too much calcium, it can damage their kidneys and other organs. In extreme cases it can even kill them.
Thanks for the response. I will look at the bags when I go buy some this week to see which is best. Do I have to mix it like you would with dog food if I get a different type? And how will I know if they are getting any grit from our soil. Right now they will be their run with the coop till they are bigger, right now I just have the two 5-6 week girls outside when its warm, and the others I will hopefully be able to start putting out in a week or two if it ever decides to stop snowing. So their run right now is just hard packed soil, since it is under our deck. There is some leaves that has blown in there, and some roots that are growing up from the trees. When they get big enough they will be in the side yard that has grass, dirt, and large gravel.

I did notice that the other day when the girls where out their poop is blackish green outside and inside its more of a grey. So it made me worry, but they have their food and clean water. Now if I can get them to learn how to use the nipple watering bucket I bought. I've put their beck up to it at least 10 times each and let the water come out. They both avoid it. Any suggestions.


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