Brazen hawk


5 Years
Sep 3, 2014
New Jersey
My wife and I were sitting in our yard, enjoying the calmness off watching the chickens do "their thing", when all of a sudden they scattered in the pen to anywhere they could find shelter. Out of nowhere this hawk comes swooping in past me & my wife towards the pen.

Luckily the pen is entirely closed. I have to say though, with my wife and dog mind you, sitting right there, that hawk and some brave and big cojones.

I just wish I had my phone on me to take a picture of it
Fortunately this year I have not had any real issues with Red Tails. But typically I'm always on the watch when I let the hens into the yard to free range a bit.
I've had them swoop down past me in which I've actually felt the wind.
I have had them come in and land on the dusk to dawn light and just look down on my like I'm sub par species. I can throw tennis balls at them and they just watch them sail by (I'll never be confused with Bob Gibson)
Some hawks especially urban and suburdanized hawks have little fear of man.

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