Breached Chick?! Help please!!

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Ok, so it's day 19 of incubation of my chicks..the bator temp is 101.1 F, and I saw one egg was oozing a kind of clear yellow liquid. I decided to risk it, and quickly grabbed the egg out of the bator and looked at it. THERE WAS A PIP IN IT!! But the pip was no where near the air cell!! It's my first breach baby :(
So I quickly put it back into the bator, (I was quick, so it was only out for about 3-4 seconds). Do you think I may have shrink wrapped it? Why is it breached?! Why is it so early?! DAY 19!! Oh my gosh.. What's the yellow liquid? It has little dark specks in it and it's clear.. A please help, I don't want my baby to die!!
Note, I only took it out of the incubator because I thought it was rotten and leaking!! So sorry for my ignorance, I feel bad as it is.
Have you read through this page?

If you scroll down a bit there is a section on malpositions and chicks hatching from the wrong end of the egg. I would suggest reading through that page really well, it is extremely helpful. The most important thing to do is not to panic! ;) Second thing is to be sure the chick has a small hole in the shell and membrane to breathe. There is no rush after that point, you'll want to give it 24 hours to make some progress on it's own before you do anything else. So just read through the page above and follow it closely!

I just had a duckling pip the wrong end of her egg a couple weeks ago and that page saved her life! She is now 16 days old and doing great. She was unable to turn inside her egg to hatch out due to her odd position in there. I worked very slowly over the next 36 hours to help her hatch.

Good luck! And please keep us updated!
Also, don't panic that it seems early. It's really not. When they pip from the wrong end that is essentially when they would've just internally pipped had it been in the air cell, which is typically 24-48 hours before they are actually ready to hatch. Sometimes they just hatch from the wrong end for no apparent reason. It can also happen if the egg was incubated with the small end up instead of the large end, or it also appears to happen often with shipped eggs (as was the case with my breech duck egg).

The yellow liquid COULD be from a broken yolk sac, but I don't think so since you said it is clear. It's likely just the left-over liquid the chick develops in (the "egg white" part). Since it's hatching from the wrong end it is not clear from that liquid and there is a danger it will drown. That's why it's important to make sure there's a tiny hole in the shell and membrane where it has pipped so that it can breathe. You'll also want to lay the egg so that the pip hole is up higher than the rest of the egg so the left-over fluid doesn't drown the chick.
That's great! Now you'll just want to give it time to make some progress on it's own. Sometimes they can still hatch out on their own with no problems, but you'll have to monitor closely and be prepared to intervene in about 24 hours if it doesn't make any progress. And read through above link in the meantime! ;)
I had my first ever small end of the egg hatch two days ago, also on day 19 I noticed it at around 9 pm ( which ended up being good thing) I went to bed at 11 and was up at 3:30 am and it hatched by itself!! remember, it can take up to and sometimes more than 24 hours for a normal hatch, just watch and see how it does.
Ok, it has made some slight process. 4 more of the eggs have pipped, but two of them are breached also, not including the one I was asking about above!! I wonder why their doing this!! One of the breached chicks I doubt will survive because he made a tiny hole, not even big enough to breath out of, and the other one is facing down, but making good progress.. I need more advice, anyone?!
I would prop those other two up as well so their pip holes are higher than the rest of the egg. The one with a tiny hole might still have broken it enough to get air, they just need the tiniest little hole to let fresh air in. If you are concerned you can take a tiny little piece of the shell off where it has pipped and see if it has broken through the membrane as well. If not, you can make a tiny little hole in that outer white membrane as well so it will get some air. You don't want the membrane to dry out though, so the smaller the hole the better.

It's a good sign they are making progress, though! That means they can probably get out themselves, so long as they don't drown or run out of air beforehand.

Were these shipped eggs? How did you incubate them (lying down or upright in egg turner)?
Hey guys! I got back from school( I'm in the seventh grade and we have a long day) and the the chick with the egg leaking yellow clear fluid has hatched! Right now, she's wandering around the bator, taking steps and knocking eggs over. I've decided to name her butter. I believe she's a buff orpington breed, as she's yellow and that's the only yellow chicken we have. The other two breached chicks have made great process too, one hatching downwards (oh no) with the beak out of the shell, and the other (which I assumed was going to die because the pip was minuscule) has made great work too, hatching on the side. And the 4 normally pipped chicks are good, which leaves 4 more un pipped eggs, one of which I'm 99 percent sure is dead, because at the last candling, didn't show any veins. Or embryo. But it didn't smell bad, so I kept it in, making a very stupid decision. Oh well?
And the eggs were not shipped, came from my own hens, and were laid on their side, hand turned for the majority of the incubation period. I collected two days worth of eggs, so I would have a good amount to put in the incubator. The thing is, half were one day old and the others were fresh. The one day olds were not stored properly for incubation, just in an egg carton, sitting on the counter. I didn't have a cool place to put them in, because I live in the hottest part of Florida, where the temperatures often reach 100F. Do you think that May have doomed the one day olds?
I hope not :)

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