Bread used for chicken feed.


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May 31, 2009
Middleburg, Fl.
I could only find one thread, one page long, on feeding bread to chickens.

When I stopped at the 'used' bread store, they have a continual, manager's special... a grocery cart full of two day old bread, for $6. It is specified for animals, and you have to sign a sheet, stating thus.
Let me tell you, this is the deal of the century. Over forty loaves of bread or buns, with only about a third of them being white bread. The rest was either, the high quality, dense breads, bagels or English muffins.
I'm an animal, right?

Any advice on feeding the bread to the chickens, as a treat. Should I dry it? I do have a dehydrator. That would help me reduce the volume. Should I toast it? How much, per day, can I allow the chickens to have?
I have always fed leftover bread to my chickens and goats. And I just read about someone else who buys the "animal only" type for their livestock. I don't make or buy white bread though, only whole grain or mostly whole grain. And I ration it so that they don't get too much at once.
Our bread store has the same deal too. They have either a $6 buggy, a $9 buggy or a whole truckload for $20!!!!!!!!! We go once a week and get feed bread and ALL the animals LOVE it. We've been doing this for several years and have had no bad results from it. Well, except for animals that will mow you down if you rattle a plastic sack LOL!!!!
Yup I give it to mine not all the time...I give them there food, scraps and then bread as a treat every 2 days...I buy 2 large hefty outdoor bags for 3.00
I always save the 2 heels in my loafs of bread for the chickens. And,if the bread has been sitting for a couple days and there several pieces left over,they'll get that to. You have never seen Cornish X run as fast as they do when they know you've got bread! LOL They LOVE it.

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