breaking up a broody hen

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    I'm sure this question is asked a lot, but i have SLW, GLW, BO, Silkie, and Cochin chicks that are all said to go broody. There only 5 days old, but I'm wondering when the time comes, how do you break them up, is it specific per breed?
  2. Most folks put them into a wire bottom cage (like a rabbit cage) that is set up so that the hen's bottom gets a bit of a breeze and stays cool. You also have some food and water available in the cage. Nothing comfy for them to nestle into.
    I have 2 chickens that frequently go broody and I have done this a number of times. it works, but I always feel pretty mean when I have done it.

    Don't worry about it yet. . . just take each day as it comes and enjoy it! Those little cuties won't be tiny for long. [​IMG]
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    I have also heard that some people put bags of frozen peas under broody hens. Who knows!?

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    Quote:How do you break them up?
    Tell them a funny joke.[​IMG]

    OK, the wire cage routine works well for me. I have Buff Orpingtons who go broody a the drop of a hat.

    Good luck with them.
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    Quote:No, No, No... [​IMG] You're thinking about how you CRACK them up... [​IMG]
    Aaaaaahhhhh I crack MYSELF up. lol

    To the OP: a lot of people also let them sit it out, and on day 21 get chicks to put under them. Some people just let them sit and clean eggs out daily until the hen gives up. I'm in the dilemma at this moment, that I have two broody hens... [​IMG] Second one went the day AFTER the first. I think I might split the set of 7 eggs the one hen has, and put three under the other. We'll see. It's all an experiment for me!! lol
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    I had a hen go broody, and what I did was, gently lift the bucket nest box she was in and put it on the coop/run floor. She'd get out kind of bewildered looking, and I'd collect the eggs, and put the nest bucket back. And the next day the same routine, in a couple of days she was over it.

    Try dealing with a broody GOOSE. I have little A-frame sort of houses over the goose nests, I'd approach from the side and tip the house over, so the nest was open to the air, and walk away. The goose would check the arrangement of hay over her eggs, then take a little walk around. I'd gather the eggs, tip the house back upright, and the goose would get back on the nest, lol.
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    The best thing is to not allow her to have eggs to sit on. Eventually she'll give up. I would suppose this is more of a problem if one has only a few hens but around here I rarely have more than one or two out of 40 go broody. You just have to be immune to the pecks and skin pinches when you reach for the eggs.
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    Quote:Yeah I let mine bite me a bit, ow. I collect eggs like 2X a day, I'm always in and out of the coop with treats, etc., anyway.

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