Breathe right strips.......... Anybody Use them????


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Mar 14, 2009
Wife got me excited because she kept dropping hints about the "suprise" she got me for later on tonight. She informed me that she was on her way to bed so here I am getting ready to run the 40 yard dash to the bedroom when she drops a box of these on my computer desk

I was informed that if I wake up in the morning the strips work, if I don't, well the pillows don't leave a mark the coroner is going to see .......

Anybody use them? Other snoring types of remedies?
I'm afraid to say the same events went down here several months ago. The good news for him is that they actually worked...well, kept the snoring down to an occasional dull roar anyways...and the good news for me is that he continues to wear them.

Just don't tell him I told anyone...
since I've had some health issues since last october, I've put on weight (not being able to exercise like I should) and my snoring has gone from bad to horrible according to the wife. Don't worry, I won't tell

Just curious if they are worth the expense. Close to .50 a night, but if it prevents a pillow over the face.............
Mr Saddi the 2nd had to use them, I'm a light sleeper and he was 6'9, you have no idea how loud that is in your ear. They cut volume by quite a bit, and it was that or seperate bedrooms.

Cheaper than building a sound proof cell.
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sigh, I am putting one on now as we speak....... ACK!!!!!!!! it's itchy!
Uhhh, you DID wash your face first and dry it yes?

Think about it silly it kept ME married.... that's a miracle right there!
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poor Boyd! I had my hubby try them before..they didnt work...What works for us is..i punch him and tell him to roll over on his side.. he grumbles..i puch him harder...he rolls over and stops snoring...but i gotta be honest here..a few times i've had the pillow in my hands... almost..almost...


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