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Mar 24, 2014
Sacramento, CA
I live in a city with a no-rooster, 3-hen max rule, so I didn't want chicks. And to be extra safe, I got my pullets from someone who will allow me to return them if they turn out to be a roo. Initially, he had a lot of fully feathered pullets of various breeds, but he got cleaned out in the week I had to wait because my coop wasn't ready.

I ended up getting these two RIR pullets. I had originally wanted them at 8 weeks to increase the odds that they were sexed correctly, but since I had to take what he had, I neglected to ask their ages. He's a high school kid in a nearby rural town who gets eggs and chicks from a nearby breeder and the feed store across from his little family farm. He raises some for 4-H and sells the rest. He was confident that he had sexed these correctly, but I thought I'd check with you all.

The first picture is the date I got them, on March 30th. The others are from today. Janet is first, then Penny, then Penny on the left, Janet on the right, same in the next photo. I'm not sure which is which in the final photo, but that gives you an idea of their size.

Janet has always been a little bigger than Penny, so they may not be the same age. Janet also has a bigger comb, but I'm hoping that is because of the age difference. My questions, like everyone else's, are:

  1. Are these, in fact, Rhode Island Reds? Or Production Reds? Or too soon to know?
  2. Are they pullets?
  3. About how old are they? (for what I paid, they had to be between 4 and 8 weeks. I've called the kid, and while he was a very nice young man, he's not great at returning calls. I'm guessing 5-6 weeks old when I go them, making them 7-9 weeks old now).

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Yeah, i agree they look like two girlies to me, congratulations!
Looks like you got some ladies. And they do look like RIRs. As for the age, they do look like they're around 7-8 weeks
So exactly what I paid for! Thank you! I spent a lot of time looking for someone who would let me return them if they were roos, but I'm already attached to them, and they to each other. I'd hate to have to break up my tiny flock.
Roo paranoia is kicking in again. Here are the girls now. Penny is estimated to be about 12 weeks (on left in photos) and Janet about 13 weeks.

What do you think?

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