Breed and Gender Help...I'm new to raising chickens


7 Years
May 7, 2012
I'm just getting started in raising chickens and I bought three red sex link chicks. No problems there, but I also have one chick the kids at school hatched that was donated to them and I don't know the breed or gender. I can't keep roosters due to zoning so I'm a little concerned this one may be a boy. I've put a couple of pictures here and would appreciate any info you guys can give me. Much appreciated from this newbie!

That's real early comb development. Pretty sure it's a cockerel, but would advise waiting a little longer for a final definition.
Thanks guys! I'm leaning that way too. I'll post a couple new pics of "him" standing up. He's gotten a little bigger since the last pic, although the comb hasn't gotten any bigger or redder. I may have to just wait and see.

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