Breed and Gender if Possible, Please :)

Amy V

May 19, 2017
Paradise, Texas (West of Fort Worth)

New to chicks and to this site. I must say, in the last 6.5 weeks, BYC has been a great peace of mind for me! Any time I see my chicks do something new, I check here to make sure it's normal! So thank you everyone who posts here!

To my question, I would like to know breed and sex of my little ones. I'm pretty sure they're all some kind of mix as they were only $1.50 each.

These are my "6.5 week-old girls" according to TSC, but I'm pretty sure Rockie is now spelled Rocky! Here are a few shots. Thank you in advance! Amy

This is Rocky, I'm now thinking she's a he from what I've read here.

Chuck 2.jpg Chuck.jpg

Here are two shots of my gold babies. The focus changes for each picture:

Gold 3.jpg Gold 4.jpg

This is a beautiful baby! Front and back shots:

Sister 3.jpg Sister 4.jpg

These babies always seem to be covered in poop. Is that common or is just because they're white? :)

White 3.jpg White 1.jpg

And here they are in a group. I've come to call them my therapy chicks because they are so entertaining, innocent and sweet.

Mutha Cluckers.jpg

Top Rooster

7 Years
Aug 16, 2015
North East Oklahoma
The striped ones are barred rock the white ones are white leghorn the reddish orange ones are either Rhode Island Red or Red Sexlink both are great breeds. Genders the lighter colored striped one with red come is a rooster the others are hens

Chicken Girl1

Queen of the Coop
6 Years
Mar 3, 2015
Rocky (is a cockerel) looks like a Dominique because it has a rosecomb (Barred Rocks have single combs). Your gold ones look like Red sex-link pullets. The white ones could be Leghorns or White Plymouth Rocks (Leghorns will grow white earlobes while Plymouth rocks will have red), since they are white they will get a lot dirtier :). The other striped one does it have a comb similar to the first one? It looks like a pullet. The black one is a Black sex-link pullet.


5 Years
Nov 16, 2015
North Central Texas
Black-white chicks are Dominique aka Dominecker. Yours have rosecombs, Barred Rocks have single combs.

The gold ones are Golden Comets.

The white ones are White Leghorns, and

The black / gold one is a Black Sexed Link Bird.

Nice chicks, they look happy and healthy.

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