Breed & gender

Chicken George

7 Years
Feb 25, 2012
Sorry that the pic is so small but that how it was emailed from my phone.
It was sold as an aracauna but its probably an easter egger. I am clueless on its gender and I need some ideas for a name.
It's a little hard but the legs look olive color so I'm going with pullet EE. If you can update with a full body shot and comb if your still unsure, and check the shoulder color for red.
Here you go I'm sorry it took so long but my computer was broken and I had to send it in to get fixed.
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If she's your only EASTER egger, how about 'Bunny'? It's occasionally used as an affectionate term for a girl in Eastern Europe...

...then again, this is coming from someone who found a starving tortoiseshell kitten on the side of the road, where one often finds box turtles, and named it Turtle.

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