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Mar 19, 2018
North Rhine-Westphalia
So, I'm hoping to get started with laying hens. I've been reading and watching videos around the net, and have found some contradictory information.

First, I should say that I'm hoping to have between 2 and 4 hens. 4 is the absolute max, mostly because I don't want to go overboard before learning how my climate, litter system, run bedding, etc. are going to work out maintenance wise.

At first, my inclination was to go for the best laying hens available in my area. Those are going to be either some hybrid brown layer (ISA brown types), Rhode Island Reds, or Bielefelders (I'm in Germany).

As I continued reading, some people seem to think that some breeds are more prone to being noisy than others. Others don't agree.

I guess my question is, is there something to the notion that some breeds are more vocal than others? I'd hate to pass on really proliferate layers, thinking than a another breed may be less noisy and end up with mediocre layers that may or may not be as quiet as some say.

Are there some breeds/hybrids that are excellent layers and don't go around making lots of loud vocalizations that may be a good hen for a first timer? Or is it more up to each individual hen?

My 2 (or 4) hens will be in a 6x16 combination coop/run.The run goes under the coop as well, so the entire footprint serves as a covered run.
Depends on individual chicken really, but to lump them in a group that’s already available in your area RIR, ISA browns are good layers. MY welsumers are all quiet but also decent layers. And very friendly.

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