Breed identification


May 7, 2015

pics are hard to tell, if possible can you get single close pics of each bird?
the reddish one looks like a Rhode island red
the fuzzy white one looks like a white silkie, or maybe a white cochin, again hard to tell
black maybe a black australorp
white in the bottom pic look like a white leghorn to me
these are just guesses...better pics would be helpful
If you could get individual pictures of all of them that would be great, But I think the black one is an Australorp, the fuzzy white one with the feathered feet is a Silkie, the small white actually looks like a bantam, the brown one looks like an Easter Egger, and I'm unsure on the White one with black splashes.
Red chick: possibly a Production Red
Mostly white, clean-legged chick: California White or other similar hybrid
White feather-legged chick: White Silkie
Black chick: Likely a Black Australorp

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