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Jul 31, 2009
I was at a fair today and a women was selling these tiny little birds, they looked like quail but were even smaller - I did not go into her booth as the birds and chickens were all cramped and in small cages, I was afraid I would say the wrong thing or perhaps pick up something like mites or what not and bring them back to my coop - any idea what the tiny little birds were, they were laying eggs, very tiny ones but they were laying.
There is a very good chance that the tiny cages were just for the fair, to move them around and keep them confined. Most likely, their housing at home is much larger.

I used to get people at the dog shows, so concerned about the dogs living in little cages. No, lady, the dog lives on the sofa in the living room. The crate is just to keep it safe for a few hours at the dog show.
That's what I was thinking. Space at a fair/swap/market is usually at a premium.
But no idea what the birds were, sorry.
Yes button quail! They are adorable and looked just like yours
I thought the same thing but the whole room (and this was a very tiny small town fair) was all this one womens and she claimed you could keep them easy in these little tiny fish tank like structures with no problems, you know those tiny little plastic fish tanks at the pet store, not ideal. She stated the little ones roam free inside her home
She had a small rabbit cage with 6 black sex links in it, they were almost on top of one another

Where do you get tiny birds like this?

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