Breed questions


Aug 18, 2019
I love my rooster but I do not know what breed he is,any ideas what he is?he is not naked neck breed since he had feathers when I got him,they are growing back to prepare for the cold,and the thing I love most about him is he protects the hens so good,he wont let anything get near them not my dog, even other people he doesnt recognize,the first chicks I had Hatched in spring,they are like 5 months old now,but I got one that doesnt fit in,that fully black one,she looks a lot more different than all her brothers,(she is the only hen,all others are roosters),I left another hen go broody and to my surprise one more hatched that is fully black just like her,all my hens are like the one below,currently I have that 1 black in the box and 3 white ones counting the one below,all of them are sisters and that's only rooster I have,could it be that they have some DNA from a different breed,what could it be?

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