Breed & Sex please ?


7 Years
Oct 21, 2012

I'v recently got my first Quail and am unsure what breed ans sex I'v got . Friend of mine say's its Italian and seven boys and one girl ! Is she correct ?
They sure look Italian;
But about the genders, it's hard to actually tell who's what from the pictures perspective.
Though from what I can see, it looks like you do have one female and seven male.
But to double check, look at your quail's chest, if they have spots, it's a girl, if they have no spots and it seems like a more rusty orange colour, then it's a boy.

Otherwise, I believe your friend is correct!
Thanks for your reply ! Would I be right in thinking the girl is probally the one in the bottom right-hand corner ?
Just look as their chest. The male has more rusty color than female. They are easy to sex at about 3 weeks and older.
Yep boys have more rusty color.

If you want us to sex them just post up more pictures from a side or front view. Aerial view is a wee bit harder :p

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