Jan 9, 2016

We adopted these 3 back in April. We think the 2 brown ones are "Brown Leghorn" (just from researching pictures) but are drawing a blank on the the other one.....ideas?

Thanks in advance!!
So the pullet at the back looks like a Welsummer to me, the pullet in front is possibly a Rhodes island red? I don't see leghorn because of leg colour and comb size but I could very well be wrong. Do you have any pictures of the Rooster standing up? He is very handsome.
You all bring up a good point too. We have only had Buff and Barred Rock hens before these 3 so we are still new to this. My original question was for the one with white feathers in front. I'm not even sure if it's a roo or not and since it was brought up, maybe he/she is a roo. When we got them, they were estimated to be 4 weeks old, that was in April. We have yet to hear any morning wake up calls or witness any other "activity" that would make me thinks it's a roo so we have been going along thinking she is a she and waiting patiently for that first egg.

As far as breeds, my best guess is with you all, mutts? The person that we rescued them from had about 60 all penned up in a 20 x 20 space. We only have room in our coop to sleep 3 comfortably and these were the 3 we ended up with.

Thanks again and hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

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