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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Hillsvale, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Oct 20, 2009
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    I am planning on breeding several of my turkeys next year. I have recently built them a 8x8 coop and have left a spot off the side to building attached breeder boxes. I plan on building something to block them off from the main coop but I am unsure how big to build the boxes so they will be comforatable there with their tom for whatever length of time, dividers, nests...... thoughts?
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    Really turkeys will lay just about anywhere I have a few that leave their coop and go inside my chicken coop and lay in an old wood box. Looks funny seeing a turkey crammed into a chicken nesting box. I also have a set of large turkey nesting boxes that I have 18 inches off the ground in their coop, then I just put sides and a half front on the bottom of it, and most of my turkeys lay in there, then when they hatch I just close off the rest of it and put water and feed inside it, works like a charm. They are not picky at all, a friend of mine has a few larger plastic plants that he hangs in the corner of his coop and his turkeys lay underneath it.
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    Quote:Sorry I didn't answer sooner before you got the "cut and paste" advice from another site. Are you asking about breeding pen size or just the nest boxes? For nest boxes 18 inches square with an 8 inch lip on the front works great for us. From your post it looks like you are wanting to set up breeding pens?


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