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    This is the first year breeding heritage turkeys for me. Few questions on breeding as one of my toms has started mating with a couple of hens. Although I know it is hens choice does an overly motivated male sometimes force themselves on a resting hen? Same question for dominant Toms housed with young jakes as an act of dominance? Finally how long does a normal breeding take, how many times will the hen lay down in a given cycle and how much squawking is normal? I am sure in a few months these questions will answer themselves but getting the info here will save me some worrying.
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    You should change the title to turkey love [​IMG]

    I have never seen a tom mount a hen that didn't want to mate. They might try but the hen can get out from under them. The tom needs to stand / hold the hens on the upper wing close to the body.

    Time to mate depends, some are quick some seem to take forever. I have never figured if the delay is waiting for the hen to raise her tail, the tom getting to just right spot. Once the hen raises her tail it's pretty quick after that. Most of our hens lay down once or twice a day from what I have seen. The squawking is normal for younger hens the older ones down do it as much.


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