Breeding Delawares to the Standard of Perfection

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    I think that most heritage broiler birds were expected to be at good processing weight by 18 weeks. But anything from 16 to 20 seems reasonable. With a 5 lb. dressed bird being at the later end of this spectrum. Based on the chart below I would think that the weights aren't achieved until 24+ weeks. The idea with heritage breeds is that the meat is good at almost any age.

    From Wikipedia
    Approximate weight

    Rooster 3.9 kg 8.5 lbs
    Hen 2.9 kg 6.5 lbs

    Ellis was apparently shooting for a broiler but ended up with a good dual purpose bird.
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    We fried some 37 week F4s and they were great at that age - being the first cull on that line we held longer than usual to make sure assessments were correct - will probably cull at 30 weeks on the F5s - we posted the weights in the Kathy thread
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    This is a late reply, but this may answer your question:

    If you do a search on BYC for project Delaware posted by kathyinmo, you will find some photos of her results.
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    I have delawares in washington state and have recently got some from a good line. I will get the details and update my info. They are 18 weeks old.
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    Welcome to the thread - and we always like Pics
    Were/who does your line originate from.
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    Hi, sorry for the interruption. I am a very new chicken owner, so sorry if my questions are covered elsewhere or not applicable!! My father raised chickens to save money as a teenager, back in the 50's and he raised Hamp-Rocks. I have been trying to research if these birds were the barred versions of the Delaware (before the Delaware breed became refined). I am assuming they were F1 crosses. The chickens were large and meaty but also good layers. I have Dominiques currently, but have been searching out whether another hopefully larger breed might make a better home here, one that lays larger eggs. (Doms are sweet but their eggs are smallish) So I saw some New Hampshires and Delawares at our county fair and they were fantastic. Very inquisitive personality, poised and elegant and large - nice full sized chickens. No luck finding the owner of the birds, so I did not get to bombard them with q's. Anyone know anything about the Hamp-Rocks? I am sure there are some accidental ones out there too :)
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    Never had Doms so can't compare them for you.
    The Delaware was created by crossing the Barred Rock to NewHampshire hen.
    About two posts up there was a link to the recreation Pics here
    There is also info about the breed at club linked below-
    The recreated Delaware's should be the size of the F1s you mentioned
    There is also a thread on these recreated Delaware's -
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    I have one Delaware, about 12 weeks, She looks big size wise but she's really skinny. I don't think worms, none of her clutch mates are skinny.

    Delawares are large birds, do the develop like Jersey Giants, skeletal cage then they fill out?
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    I have too many Delaware chickens and need to process some for eating. They are 5-6 months. I want to keep the best for eggs and production of meat birds. I will be culling a rooster and several hens. My question is, what should I look for in desirable body type characteristics for the ones I keep.

    Thanks, in advance, for any help that is offered in making these decisions.
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    Page one - post # 7 of this thread - should show what you are looking for
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