Breeding different types of chickens


7 Years
Nov 5, 2012

I have 7 chickens; we bought them as chicks for the eggs. As they grew it became clear that only two of them were hens (1 Delaware and 1 Sparkled Sussex) while the other five were roosters (1 Delaware, 1 Sparkled Sussex, 1 Barred Rock, 1 Rhode Island Red and 1 Laced Wyandotte). We want to keep one rooster so to raise chicks of our own to replenish the stock so we need to choose which rooster to keep. Someone is willing to trade 4 roosters for 2 Delaware hens so I will have 3 Delaware hens and 1 Sparkled Sussex.
Can any of the roosters mentioned above breed with these hens?
We are thinking of keeping the Laced Wyandotte rooster; has anyone ever bred a Wyandotte with Delawares and Sparkled Sussex?

Thank you
I can't help you with how the offspring will look, but any of the breeds you mentioned can breed with any of the others. They're all roughly the same size, which is the main concern. They don't know they're different breeds, all the roosters care about is she's female!
Why don't you keep the pair of Speckled Sussex and the pair of Delawares.? Breed the Sussex together. Breed the Delaware together. Keep the two breeds separate. That will help conserve both breeds and give you a lot of eye candy in your back yard.If you are looking for a challenge, Speckled Sussex are said to be the toughest of the Sussex colors to breed correctly. Both breeds have national Clubs. Both breeds need people to seriously work with them for conservation.
Karen in western PA, USA

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