Breeding for Olive Eggers using Easter Eggers?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by countrygalut, Apr 16, 2016.

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    Okay, so I need some more information. I was under the impression that any blue laying breed crossed with a dark brown laying breed would create an Olive Egger. I recently hatched out some chicks from my flock, and I assumed that any of the blue/green eggs from my Easter Eggers would be Olive Egger chicks because both of my roos are dark laying breeds (Black Copper Marans who owns most of the flock, and a Welsummer). Then I saw a post where someone mentioned that only a true blue laying breed would guarantee OE's, and that some of these chicks would actually lay brown eggs. Could somebody clarify for me? What are the genetics involved when crossing an EE to a dark laying breed?

    Here is one of my chicks, I'm totally in love with it's silver coloring and feathered feet. I'm not positive which egg it came from, but I believe it was one of my EE's because of the puffy cheeks, and the feathered feet are from my BCM roo. I'm hoping it's an Olive Egger. I wonder where the light coloring came from though? Two of my EE hens were a blue-ish chick with gold tones, but nowhere near this light, and crossed with a dark roo I never expected to have such a light colored chick!

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    The issue arises from whether your EE passed the blue gene into the mix with the dark laying breed -- if they do not have/do not pass the blue gene you won't get olive eggs, you'll get brown. This is why using a true blue egg laying breed is a better option as you don't have to wonder/worry if the blue gene will be passed.

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