Breeding For Temperment?

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  1. How likely is it that "friendliness" (for lack of a better word) can be bred for in a breed that has a known temperment of being shy of humans?

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    There is definately a genetic component to temperment in chickens. The prime example being that game fowl roosters are among the least human aggressive roosters - this trait was stringently selected against. To take a known shy breed and select for friendlier temperment would be quite a challenge but not an impossibility. It would require the raising of many chicks and stringent culling.
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    In my opinion, temperament is extremely inheritable. However, I don't think you select for "friendliness" as much as you select for confidence and you remove timid, aggressive, or high strung birds from your breeding pool.

    How friendly they are depends upon how they are raised and handled.
  4. Wisdom. I don't know much about friendliness, as some are more curious and comfortable being at my feet and almost being stepped on. What I do like in a bird is Oregon Blues word, confidence. Add to that a certain regal calmness or business like demeanor and I love that bird. Yes, I breed for it. If I'm going to have birds around to keep and enjoy, I'd rather they be birds I like. The list of temperament traits I dislike is long. Birds with those traits don't make the breeding pens.
  5. Great advice everyone. Thank you.

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