Breeding Freedom Ranger Color Yield at Home???

There is such a thing as Redbro Female and Redbro males, here is the link with info for the females:

The Yield end product is the result of Yield male x Redbro female, so if you take the F1 males and cross it back to Redbro females the F1 result will be 3/4 Rebro and 1/4 Yield which would make it's performance just a bit better than the pure Redbro but slower than the Yield one

here is some interesting products of different crosses (Premium males x Premium females)

Hubbard also carry meat type Newhampshire(NH) and Rhode Island Red(RIR) meat type but for the slow growth(42 weeks or so market in Europe)
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Hubbard used to have nice growth charts and parent info for the Redbro and Rusticbro(Cornishx vs Redbro female) but I can't find them any more.

These are just small pictures I found on google, but you get the idea of how they looked

for Redbro(freedom rangers)


For the Rusticbro

Some others I have found

I love freedom ranger color yields. I have thought about breeding them to have a continuous batch of birds for meat every year, because, we too, had logistics issues this year (and last year!), and I’m assuming it could get worse, but only time will tell...
I see no one updates on their results. Must not be good. I have color yields, freedom rangers that I’m going to cross.

Some of the freedom rangers grew just as big as the yields while some didn’t. Should I use the big freedom ranger hens and the biggest male yields?

I also have white Plymouth Rock to cross with the rangers and yields.

I’ll do

I plan on keeping white rocks growing separate also. But I’m also curious if I should just put them all together and do extensive culling to produce one type of bird.

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