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Jun 5, 2013
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Hi all

Looking to rehome a few of our breeding groups as we are rearranging some of our breeding pens at this time and looking to find places for some of our breeders

Hens and roos have already been in pens together.

Eggs are fertile and have been hatched already this season.

All hens are Laying or close to lay.

Ages from 5 Months to 12 Months old

All have been raised on Organic No soy No corn feed. along with goat milk and kitchen scraps.

Breeding Trio Bantam Mottled Cochin $100.00

Breeding Trio Bantam White Cochin ( Roos is Frizzled ) $100

Breeding Pair Bantam Chocolate Wyandotte $100

Breeding Trio Blue Wyandotte $100

Breeding Pair Tolbunt Polish $80.00

4 Mille Fleur Leghorn Hens $45.00 each

2 Blue Wyandotte Hens $45.00 each

1 Black Laced Red Wyandotte Hen $35.00

1 Black Orpington Hen ( 50 % English ) $45.00

1 Black Wyandotte Hen $35.00

1 Wheaton Araucana Hen $35.00

3 Bantam Birchen Cochin Hens $35.00 each

2 Silver Leghorn Hens $30.00 each

2 Bantam Black Cochin Hens $30.00 each

1 blue laced red Wyandotte mix $20.00

1 Bantam Black Silkie Cochin Mix Hen $15.00

1 Mille Fleur Leghorn Mix Hen $15.00

1 Silver Laced Wyandotte Mix Hen $15.00

1 Bantam Game Hen Mix Hen $15.00

Pick up at the Farm in Frazier Park, CA 93225
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