breeding mutts to get disired offspring

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    I used to have a rooster that was big, pea combed,and stood pretty well up but not as much as a shamo rooster
    he looked like the americana rooster on this page but bigger
    have his great great offspring that is a rooster his mom was a game making him small and long( not standing up strait)
    he still has the pea comb. looks at lot like the last bird on this page
    goal is to "recreate" the old rooster
    i have some very largeblack hens that are related to the old rooster and what i think i should do is to breed the young rooster i have now with them to maybe get the size that the old rooster had and still keep the color
    but what bird could i breed those offspring to that would give it a taller look????
    if i could find a picture of the old rooster i will put it on
    im going to post a picture of the young rooster i have now
    thank you the pictures below is the father of the young rooster i have now this rooster had a tall stance like what i want but no size and i dont have him anymore just his offspring confusing!!
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