Breeding of an Australorp roo to a Golden Comet. What will I get?


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Sep 8, 2013
I just bought 4 Golden Comets that are 8 months old and the person I bought them from said that they have been with his Australorp rooster so they will be laying fertile eggs for a while.

If I decide to pull their eggs for the incubator will those chicks lay just as well as Golden Comets and Australorps do?

Also, is it true that after their last encounter with a roo they will lay fertile eggs for about 2 more weeks? I just got them this evening.


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to back yard chickens... In my experience with golden comets, I will say that they will not be golden comets, but they will still be good layers, still a cross hybird but just likey won't be as good as the parent birds. But not bad layers from what I seen.
I used to breed delaware hens to rir roos to get gold sex links. These birds were my best layers. As for the fertility, the eggs will be fertile for up to 2 to 2-1/2 weeks after being with the rooster, even if you put in a new roo, the eggs inside from the first roo will be for first roo for the same amount of time.

If you candle the fresh eggs and look good on a fresh egg thats not been in the incubator yet, you can see a lil speck about as big as red hot or thumb tack head, this is the sperm cell. It can also be seen when you break a fresh egg in a skillet or bowl. It's just a small spot, but under light it will be a small round stain look on the egg top almost in center or just off center on the inside of the egg. Good luck and happy hatching...
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Thanks so if I understand correctly they may not be as prolific a layer as their parent (Golden Comet) but still a good amount? I'm assuming they would lay as large an egg?

I'm just trying to figure out if it would be worth the effort to even bother. If I will get a good amount of large eggs from them when they mature I just may try to assemble the eggs over the next week and hatch them. If they will not lay nearly as much, then I won't. Decisions decisions LOL.
The simple answer is you will get mixed chickens. There will be variations. Some may lay well and some may not.

Gold Sex Links are created with a Rhode Island Red rooster and a Rhode Island White hen. You then take those hens created and an Australorp rooster, you are going to get a mixed bag.

But I am pretty sure the hens produced would be fair chickens.
I crossed Golden Comet to Golden Comet and hatched out some Red-Buff/White chicks. These are now around 33 weeks old and have just started laying within the last week or so, not any little bitty pullet eggs either, nice sized large eggs.

They did not start as early as the parents, but I think well worth the wait at about 26 to 28 weeks to lay. They should lay well and a lot longer than the orgianl sex link cross.

I'd say go for it and hatch the eggs and see if they stand up to your standards.
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