breeding pens

I'm not sure that I understand your question. If you want to be sure of the parentage of any chicks hatched, you must keep the breeding stock separate from other chickens. Is this what you meant?
If you only have chickens of the type you wish to breed, then I'd say you probably don't need specific breeding pens.

If, however, you have several different breeds or colors of chickens, and you only want to breed a specific type, then you do need somewhere to keep the ones you want to breed away from the others during the time you're planning to breed them, and probably 3 weeks in advance to ensure that the father of the chicks will be the rooster you want and not one of your other roosters.
Thank-you for your answers. Yes we have three different breeds. Cochin, reds and austrolorpWe are considering to breed either the black or barred Cochins. Not sure if any are roosters yet

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