breeding seabrights??? worth it??


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Don't know much about them but found a pair for 20 bucks. I was wondering if anyone thought this would be a good chicken to breed? I like them cause they are bantams and beautiful! Not sure about eating eggs and if i should breed something different. I don't see them often around my way.

I don't breed sebrights, but I have one gold laced hen, and she lays consistantly an egg a every other day. If I were you I would buy them. They are kind of a fritzy bird though, they remind me of Leghorns.
Don't forget to bargain and offer $15 and go from there.
it's a feed store and they are firm on 20. Can i put them in with my other hens(RIR, barred rock and mutt) our should i seperate them due to roo? they seem a great size and i love the golden ones. they had others but i only rememeber them.

wHAT DO YOU THINK FERTILE EGGS WILL GO FOR. Wow holy cap key...sorry
My Sebright stays with my other bantams so I don't know how they'd do. I have had banties with LF before, just not Sebrights. You can see how they do together because they all react different.

I don't know how much their eggs go for..if you want a general idea, go the the hatching eggs section here on BYC and search "Sebrights" and see what people are selling theirs for.
My hatchery sebrights are somewhat larger than the standard calls for, are fair layers, and have a good hatch rate. The roo is very protective and attentive to his ladies, good fertility, and doesn't rough them up. He has been know to fight with the OEGB roo through the fence. I haven't had one go broody yet, while my oegbs and japs have all gone broody. However, I have a friend who tried raising the smaller show quality sebrights, and said they hatched well, but he couldn't raise more than half of them, that they were very fragile. Once they got up 6-8 weeks, those remaining did fine.

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