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Jul 13, 2017
Deer Creek IL
I have been trying to hatch new chicks but none of my eggs have been fertile. I have LF Buff Orpingtons, all of them are between 1-2 years. they are beautiful birds for show and I have a whole breeding plan for them. At the moment they aren't laying but I was wondering if I could get any tips for spring hatching season, please and thank you.

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Mar 9, 2014
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My Coop
Failure to hatch does not always =not fertile. Have you checked the germinal disc of som unincubated eggs to see if they were fertilized? Are you setting under hens or incubating?if incubating, what parameters are you following? Have you candles during incubation ation or eggtopsied unhatched eggs?


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Sep 19, 2009
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One my concerns is conditioning the birds, especially the hens. They are kept away from rooster for at least two weeks while provide a richer, higher quality diet. I like to put the hens on a mixture of 18-20% crude protein diet mixed with something to increase carotenoid levels. They also get free-choice access to oyster shell. If all goes well they will put on some yellow fat. Then, when practical I keep the conditioning hens in smaller social groups to reduce stress.

How eggs are handling prior to start of incubation is also important.

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