Apr 18, 2021
So this is not really an emergency but I didn’t know which category to put it in. Anyways, i have a rooster who is almost a year old. He was born in November along with the rest of my 5 older hens. Thats my biggest “flock” so far because the rest of the chickens that i have are no younger than 3 months old and no older than 6 months. I have 4 silkies (among those only 1 rooster) that are about to be 6 months old but i think they are a bit too small…. They’ve been so small for so long and im starting to think that they are gonna stay that small… so i wanted to ask: today i saw my big naked neck rooster mating with the little silkie hen, she squatted for him and ive seen my silkie rooster mate with her as well so i know that she is ready and mature. But my question is, is the size difference from the rooster compared to the silkie hen too big?? I have some pictures that I caught while the big rooster and the little silkie were mating. *by the way, ALL silkies are the same size except the silkie rooster who is slightly bigger and another silkie hen who is slightly smaller* Anyways here are the pictures! (I added some pictures of ALL the silkies so you know how small they are, and also of the silkie rooster)


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