Breeds of rabbits that are good for showing?


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I have recently thought of showing rabbits this summer at the county and state fair. I am in FFA and raised meat chickens and a breeding hen last year for county fair. I am planning on raising a market hog for county fair and a few breeding hens at county and state fair. Anyways I am wanting to a rabbit at the fairs this summer and am not quite sure which breeds are good, easy breeds to show and care for? I had rabbits about 5 years back but we just had them as pets because they were cute! :) Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you!
I don't remember how many breeds there are, but there is something for everyone. I raise and show two breeds: Netherland Dwarfs which are very popular, come in several color varieties and make good pets for small spaces/homes/apartments AND Rhinelanders which is a rare breed, not too common, difficult to breed for correct color balance/markings and used to be dual purpose for meat; they tend to be racier now and have a smaller dress out.

There are meat breeds that can be judged in both conformation or meat pens. Examples include Florida Whites, Californian and New Zealand, Silver Fox, American Chinchilla and the d'Argents (Creme, Champagne & Brun) are also considered rare heritage and fur breeds in addition to producing meat. There are other dwarf rabbits with varying temperaments - Dwarf Hotot, Britania Petite, Lionheads, Holland Lops, Jersey Wooly are a few. If you want a wool project, there are several Angora breeds. And everything else in-between.

Here is the link to the American Rabbit Breeders Association Youth can enter rabbits in special youth classes and open classes. You can purchase the "Standard of Perfection" book for around $20 from the club. There are shows around the country on any given weekend (more in fall & winter than summer & spring), an annual all-breed convention (national show) as well as nationals for each breed.

I've shown dogs, horses and observed sheep shows --- rabbit shows are great. There is some sense of competition but not as intense at the others and there are a lot of helpful people who show rabbits. Many breeders will give significant discounts (even free) and plenty of assistance to youth exhibitors.
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I found someone relatively close to me selling mini-lops. They are too cute I think I will be getting them this weekend! :) hope they work out.

Thank you for your advice!
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My advice is please make sure that the stock you start with are of good quality. I have raise Satins, and Mini rex. Last year I started with Mini lops. Wow, so much harder then my other two. Why? because the stock I started with was not of the same quality as my mini rex and satins. Mini lops are a very competitive breed to show, at least around here. I paid $25 and $30 for two of my stock. They are to put it nicely "crap". I love them, they are nice bunnies, but they lack so much in conformation I am going to either have to start all over, or do a lot of breeding and culling for a very few okay rabbits.
Good luck with the new bunnies. If you can get pictures and post them before buying there are some good people on here who can help you to know if they are show quality or not.

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