Breeds With Patterned Hens?

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    Jul 10, 2009
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    My husband and I were talking about the chickens and he said that while "the white ones" (Delawares), were just chickens and "the black ones" (an Australorp and a Black Langshan), were just black chickens he really liked "the grey ones" (Dark Brahmas), because they had a pattern and weren't boring.

    Other than Dark Brahmas and Silver-laced Wyandottes, what hens are patterned with something other than barring?

    He's been nicely indulgent of my chicken-owning desires so the least I can do if I get more is to consider ones that he'll enjoy looking at too (personally, I think that Columbian patterning is gorgeous -- except that the rooster leaves dirty footprints on the hens' backs).
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    Feb 18, 2011
    I really love the Speckled Sussex coloring, Wyandottes come in a bunch of other laced colors, my favorite is the Blue Laced Red, the common brown/black or blue Easter Eggers I find attractive also. If you like smaller birds, Silver/Gold Spangled Hamburgs and Buttercups. Feathersite has a ton of pictures of pretty much every breed and color they come in you can think of.
  3. big medicine

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    Partridge would be a gold version of penciled, dark Brahma are silver penciled.
    Double lacing can be seen in dark Cornish, and barneveldter.
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    Barnvelders have a gorgeous double laced hen. Really beautiful. I also think that the wheaten coloring in hens is particularly beautiful. And Polish and Houdans.... Some beautiful patterns in those and I love the soft rounded hen crests so much more than the spiky roo crests.

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