Brewer's yeast

I have brewer's yeast with garlic for my dogs. Can that be used for ducks too or is the garlic bad for them? I haven't found plain brewer's yeast yet. I did find niacin capsules and have been using those by breaking them open and putting some in the water.

Just curious about the yeast with garlic. Thanks.

I would probably be willing to sell some Brewer's Yeast. I will have to get out my invoice and see how much I need to get for it, but I bought a 50 lb. bag from an organic ingredient supplier, so I have enough to last me a lifetime. LOL
I bought mine from puritans pride's onlie store. They had a buy 1 get 2 free sale. Might still be going on, definitely worth checking out. Google puritan's pride and that should bring up the store.

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