brighter,redder, comb and wattles?

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    Apr 23, 2008
    i was reading that brighter, redder combs and wattles are a sign of getting ready to lay. i am not trying to rush my chickens but have noticed that happening and want to be preparred! we have 2 BA that are almost 19 weeks old and 1 in particular i have really noticed this in. her comb and wattle were black and over the last 2-3 days have turned red! should i be expecting eggs soon? or still a few more weeks? i dont have the nest boxes in and im wondering should i get one out there asap? of wait till i find and egg then put them in the coop? these are my first chickens so im not sure how this works!! maybe i better get a pic!
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    I'd say you've got a few weeks to a month or so for eggs. Go ahead and put a box in with a golf ball to give them the right idea.
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    A few weeks to a month? I thought the girls would start laying around 20 weeks....will it take longer? I have new Hampshire Reds and Barred Rocks.

    I also had heard that the redder the combs get the closer to laying they are and also that the feet turn yellowish. Is this not correct? My girls are also 19 weeks and I tell them everyday, "Think Egg"! So far....they are just thinking food!
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    Blazing red combs and wattles are definitely a sign that egglaying will commence soon. How soon is anybody's guess, and depends on many factors. I never heard the yellow leg thing, but I doubt that it is true. Some chickens have yellow legs, others don't.

    Another sign that egglaying is approaching: The Squat. When you bend down to pet the hen, she will crouch down, sort of spread her wings at the shoulders, and hold that position while you pet her. In my limited experience, after you see the squat, you will see eggs within 2 weeks.

    I'd definitely get a nest box ready, just in case. Put it somewhere private, and drop a couple of golf balls in it.

    The first egg is so exciting!

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