Brinsea EcoGlo chick brooder

can't wait to see the response
I was thinking about buying my self one for Xmas.. but kinda want to know how it goes first
Well, I bought one last spring directly from Brinsea in Florida. I've used it now for the following: a batch of 6 turkeys; a batch of 5 rouen ducklings; two batches of button quails, 7 each time; 2 batches of Coturnix quail, 9 the first time, 30 the second time. Right now, I'm using it for a mixed batch of quail, 23 total, part buttons and part Coturnix.

I've been using large rubbermaid storage totes, about the 20 gallon size, as the brooder, with the Brinsea for heat and a 7 watt cfc lightbulb for light.

I have absolutely no complaints about it. It works fine. The turkeys seemed to enjoy it the most, as they started perching/roosting on TOP of it when they got to be about 7 days old, and did so for about another week until I moved them on to a bigger brooder and a different heating method. But, every body likes it.

The only real negative comments I have are 1) the lowest height setting for the legs is still a bit too high for newly hatched button quail, since these are SUCH tiny little babies, about the size of a bumble bee. I've worked abound that by just building the flooring up underneath with layers of newspaper and old towels on to; and 2) you can't see what is going on underneath it, so you have to lift it frequently to check on the babies that are hiding under it -- I worked around this by switching to transparent bins so I can see what is happening under there.

But, the heat coming out is a nice, gentle heat and it seems to work fine for all of my babies. And, one thing that I do really like is the fact that it's not hot enough to set something on fire if paper or fabric or some other flammable comes in contact with it.

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