Brinsea mini advance- my first time using this bator. *update* All 6 successfully hatched!

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Mar 1, 2011
Upstate NY
I set Monday at 2:45 pm. I ran the new incubator for an hour, everything seemed to be great,. I figured out how to scroll though the settings and change them for turning, etc. I am wondering if I've done something wrong, or not saved properly.

The days display is not showing a number. It just shows. Days: Then the little line swirling around for the turner at the far right on the bottom. When I changed my turner setting and saved, did I reset the start for the set / number of days? Is that why it's blank? Or do I have to press something else to have an official start for the set/incubation?

Also- I drew a line on the egg so I could tell if the turner was working, and it hasn't moved. If it turns it a little left, then a little right, would the line be back in the original spot? I turned them twice anyway. Do I need to change another setting- are my eggs just sliding and not turning?

I feel silly being nervous, but I have only done everything manually in an ancient hovabator. I just want to be sure I'm using the digital display properly.

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I would go through and reset, then save. It should show the number of days remaining. I'm not sure about the turner as I hand turn since I have my Brinsea Mini Advance overstuffed with eggs. :D
I am going to have to read the instructions again- but I can't remember anything about resetting.

When I reset do I then put the days back to 20?

Good luck with your over stuffed bator!

Push the "-" and "+" at the same time to unlock the main menu. Then press the "+" button to scroll down to the days. Press "ok" when you get to days. Then press the "+" or "-" button to increase or decrease the number of days displayed. Once you have your number, 20, press "ok". Then scroll down to SAVE. Press "ok" to save your changes. Viola!
Hmmm, that is really weird. Even if there's 0 days left, it should display a 0.

As for the turning, turn the interval down as much as possible (I think it's 15 min). Then, set a timer for 20 min, and hang out by the incubator. You should hear the motor run and watch the eggs move when it turns. If it doesn't turn in that interval, you could have some big problems going on.

Sprinkles, just how many eggs do you put in your mini advance? I've always followed the rules and just put in 7, but I like the way you think!
This morning there was a number- 20 showing in the display. Does anyone know if it's blank for a short period of time to denote the skip for day one? Maybe that's what happened? :dunno

As for the turning, I used a marker to mark the side of the bator and the little gear point and set the timer for 15 min to check it out. I also reset the eggs so my lines were all on top again. It showed that it moved two gear points over. Two of my eggs moved but the rest didn't. My eggs are smaller than store eggs, and there's quite a bit of wiggle room. What settings should I put my turn angle and interval to? I have it set to 15 and 150.

Edit- forgot to say that yes, the temp is remaining constant.

I am borrowing this bator from the local 4-H Extension office. This is the first time it's being used. I unpacked it from the box. I joined the poultry meetings (for adults in the community) but since I'm so new there hasn't been a meeting since I joined. I called to see if there was an incubator available because my rooster died defending the girls, and I wanted to hatch out some of his eggs- he was my only rooster. As luck would have it, this one had just arrived in the mail, and nobody was scheduled to sign it out. I'm really thankful. :)

If this works I might buy one of these, the power consumption is very low for something that creates heat with electricity.
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