Brody or sick??

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    I have a hen who either hasnt started laying or stopped laying (I got her from a local chicken friend) and she is just acting weird.

    She is a little serama who is always calm, but is extra calm right now. It could be that it is night time, but she is sitting in that brody position of leaning forward. I gave her some food and water and she pecked at it a bit and then just went to sleep. As an experiment I placed a silkie egg under her to see if she would sit on it. She is somewhat interested, but I think the egg may be to big for her.

    She has had a sniffly nose for a month now, but no drugs or home remedies work (so I think it is an allergy thing since she is fine when we bring her in the house).

    Can a girl go brody with out her own eggs???

    She is sitting on a towel by the heater in our bathroom... not really moving... just sleeping a bit. She was jumping around a bit this afternoon.

    I am just stumped on this silly behavior

    Droppings look fine btw just a bit dry.

  2. im not sure, maybe she is just trying to brood. i don't know if they can brood without their own eggs. mine will sit on whoevers eggs, but they all are laying. how old is she?

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